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Some crazy facts about email in 2018

The numbers surrounding email never cess to amaze us, but some of these numbers can be used to your advantage.

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Image for DJI Spark Drone Review -

DJI Spark Drone Review

This video is what made me buy the DJI Spark Drone. It's a neat, edit the guy is kinda funny with some cool editing style. 

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Mini Mat Laundry Equipment Website

We are pleased to launch the new website for Mini Mat Laundry Equipment. Mini Mat are the people to go see if you are after coin-operated laundry equipment or industrial washing machines. Having started in 1954, this business has grown to become one of Sydney's leading coin operated laundry equipment suppliers. The super cool part is they offer no-cost options for the supply of industrial washers and dryers to your apartment building. They even come and service the equipment to keep it in top shape for you. They have options to rent equipment and can also supply an estimate for you to buy commercial washing machines and dryers. 

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Robots now more athletic than most humans

For years we have all been carrying around some sort of computer that was way smarter than us in the form of a mobile phone. Your phone effectively has 'super intelligence' in any number of areas. It can do maths, English and answer most questions quicker than you, it can beat you in any number of board games such as Chess, Othello, Go and more. Computers have been able to beat the World Champions of these games for a number of years. Physical movement and coordination have always been an area where computers sucked, although that appears to have come to an end. Check the above clip from Boston Dynamics. That is truly amazing... the average human can't do a backflip! It's ok, don't panic though, we can still do feelings, emotion, morals and social interaction better than the machines.... but for how many more decades?! 

Hey if it all goes to shite here is a book to get you through.

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Agile Software Development

Above: Man fails at Agile Software Development

There are two main methods of software development currently in use in the world today which are the waterfall method in the agile software development method.  Although agile has been around for some time with its roots tracing back to the 1950’s,  it was the waterfall method that became most popular until recently. The key difference between the two methodologies are as follows:

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4 things your e-commerce website should have

Here is a quick list of 4 of the more important things your e-commerce website should have. 

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Turn it off and back on again

We don't get to say this everyday, but this clips makes me laugh everytime i do get to say it!

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Image for Outdoor By Metro -

Outdoor By Metro

Metro Fires have launched a new product line called Outdoor by Metro and it looks amazing! One of the key features of the new design is that it provides heat while eliminating smoke and ash normally associated with outdoor fires. The new outdoor fires also include a range of product extras such as a grill, pizza oven, roasting dish and various other accessories. The 850T outdoor fire includes a stainless steel base that enables you to move the fire around. For a full rundown on the new fires, head over to the Metro website and check them out

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Building a business that lasts


An interesting perspective building a business that lasts. Roughly 1/3 of new businesses don't make the 5-year mark. Find out how you might avoid that and make your business last 100 years.

Moxwai has been around since 2009 and it is nice to see some of the stuff that kinda felt right to do, showing up in someone's TED talk!

You can watch the video above or click here to access the video from TED:

Summary: Building a Business That Lasts

If you don't have time to watch the video above then here is the guts of it. Success in business can be related to the human immune system. The critical success factors found in the immune system and  most businesses that have lasted 100 years or more are:

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Image for How to Make Money With Subscriptions -

How to Make Money With Subscriptions

Do you have subscriptions for your socks and underwear yet? What about a subscription for your dog’s food, or cat’s supplements? If you haven’t started purchasing your essentials via subscription yet, it’s time to start. With all the decisions consumers have to make these days, decision fatigue is understandable. So, make it easy for your customers to shop with you - repeatedly.

The way it's framed varies - call it auto-ship, or a membership but it's all based on a subscription model. As a business owner, it's a great chance to ensure customer retention and to give you some predictability around revenue. Consumers are already familiar with paying for things on a recurring basis - from their internet services and mobile phones, to donations to charitable organisations and their Netflix subscription. Many people find it convenient in an era where we are overwhelmed with choices.

How To Make Subscriptions Work for Your Business

Now, ten years ago, if we told you that people would subscribe to receive a new pair of socks or undies delivered to their door each month you probably would have been doubtful that it would take off. But that's just what MeUndies offers its customers and they have been steadily growing since 2011 when they launched. So if you think it can't work for your business, think twice.

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