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How to stop using plastic

We've never been huge fans of plastic, as a resource, timber makes much more sense on the face of it. Timber is literally money growing on trees (or in them) and seems fairly sustainable when well managed, while the only thing plastic really gets associated with is rubbish. We try really hard not to use single use plastic bags at Moxwai, and run a paperless office - if you ever after some tips on how to do that give us a buz. In the meantime here is a pretty cool video on ending plastic. Also check this post from the BBC on the plastic eating worm!

Fingers crossed that when artifical intelligence comes along, machines that can learn 20,000 years of human history in a day, are smart enough to crack the plastic problem!

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How to stop your website being hacked

Sometimes it's really obvious that your website has been hacked, the hacker replaces the front page of your website with their own message stating you've been hacked. For a bigger brand this can be very damaging for the brand/business and consumer confidence, for example, if an e-commerce website comes up with 'hacked' across the front page, would you ever feel confident when entering your credit card details into that website again? For smaller businesses there is less impact but it's still something you need to take steps to prevent. Our friends website (which is hosted with another provider) got hacked recently and they were charged $650 to restore the website from a backup, which is enough justification to try and take all preventative measures possible. 

So what are the best ways to prevent your website from being hacked?

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Why Google will display your website as "Not Secure"

Google is on a mission to make the www (world wide web) a more secure place. The way they intend to do this is by getting every website to have a digital certificate and use https:// at the start of their domain name, instead of the more popular http://. The S at the front indicates whether a site is secure or not, but the web browser also displays its  own message, see above from Google's Chrome browser. Google has turned this on already for any page that loads with a form, eg your contact form or employment form. They will turn it on for all pages in the immediate future. The benefits that a digital certificate provides are as follows:

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Spick and Span Cleaning Services

Shout out to our mate Sarah from Spick and Span Cleaning Services, congratulations on the launch of your new website.

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How to Send a Mailchimp Campaign 2016

Create a Campaign with Campaign Builder


When you use MailChimp's Campaign Builder to create a campaign, you'll select a campaign type, add recipients, choose a template, and add your own content.

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Melbourne Landscaping Company

To all our clients in Melbourne, we would like to recommend Yarra Landscapes for Landscape Design, Landscape Gardening and

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Central City Storage launch new business

Just a shout out to our mates from Central City Storage who had their launch party last Thursday night at their new premises in New Plymouth.

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All Space Shuttle Launches at Once

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New Plymouth Airport Rental Cars

While we didn't design this website, we are helping our mates from newplymouthairportrentalcars

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