WordPress Core + Plugins + Theme Update


We will update the theme, plugins, and WordPress core on your WordPress Website. It’s important to keep your site updated, this makes the site more secure, faster, and sometimes gives you access to new features. Developers are constantly releasing new software with security and bug fixes in them. Updates are sometimes required to keep your site working properly with PHP, which is the underlying software that WordPress runs on. This estimate does not include the cost of the theme, usually $100 USD cost.
Estimated time: 4 – 8 hours.



We will update the theme, plugins, and WordPress core on your Website. Some of the steps involved:

  • examine upgrade dependencies and requirements such as plugin versions, PHP version, database size to determine if a theme update is possible
  • backup the site
  • put the site into maintenance mode
  • update the plugins – including new antispam software
  • update the WordPress Core software
  • buy the new theme (usually $100 USD cost, not included in this line item)
  • update the theme
  • fix broken CSS and layout issues.
  • full end-to-end testing of all the features of the site
  • compare the upgraded site to a historical copy of the site
  • take the site out of maintenance
  • update system documentation