WordPress Email System Upgrade


Pay for this upgrade online now and save 20%!

We will upgrade the email system on your website to make it more compatible with the email servers on the internet and future-proof it as much as possible. 

The email software on your website does the following:

  • sends emails to you from the contact form
  • sends emails to you and your customers from your online store (if you are running e-commerce)
  • sends emails from other forms on your site such as registration forms.

It’s an important component of your website to keep running smoothly as you need to receive inquiries and order notification emails from your customers. If you choose not to go ahead with this upgrade then your contact form will be less likely to send you customer enquiry emails going forward. 

We will back up your site, remove the old software, install and configure the email software and then test the contact form and your online store if you have one. 

Purchasing this product online for a 20% discount will initiate the upgrade, or you can call to get this process underway and we will generate an invoice for $95 when the work is completed.