We quite often get asked who is winning the browser war and it’s pretty easy to see below that Chrome, which is made by Google, is the clear leader. IE stands for “Internet Explorer” which we are hoping will soon disappear altogether.

Historically IE was a very bad browser creating loads of work for website developers by not following the standards. It was also slow. Despite attempts by Microsoft to fix this, including rebranding it to “Edge” its still looks like the road to doom for IE. RIP.

This chart shows the most popular screen size, which is 360×640 with 22%. This is mobile in portrait mode. True HD, which is common on a desktop is only 8%. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then it’s time to redesign your site.

Again this chart shows that mobile and tablets together are beating desktops 56% vs 44% in terms of usage. I would expect this gap to widen as time goes on in favour of mobile/tablet.

Which is the most popular search Engine? Google.com

Apple vs Samsung – the battle of the mobile device market is being won by Samsung. I made the switch to Android and Samsung S7 when Apple was just too much coin to swallow ($400 more for the iPhone equivalent). Looking at the S9 though the price seems similar to iPhone now, but that no longer matters to me. Android has some of the best apps. Having said that maybe I’ll look to go to Huawei and save another $500 as the price for their top-spec phone seems to be around $500 less!

Thanks to Global Stats – Stat Counter for the above slides.